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Impressions Kaffee-Kuchen-Action-Art II

After the very successful and inspiring 1st edition of Warsaw International Performance Art Weekend with the topic ‚Turbulence‘, including the fringe section ‚Below the Line‘; we feel now the great need to continue this important research and conversation about the mostpre ssing topics our days and their performative articulations. ‚Turbulence‘ is therefore a perfect frame and points in countless directions to continue. Enriched with a number of powerful and vigorous performances within this context during WIPAW, we would like to invite you into a more fragile sphere: the BREaKING POINTS.

BREaKING POINTS invites to search for common experience of borderline states, facing the limits, going beyond the line and out of the box there we could realise and understand the nature of the BREaKING POINTS. Thereby we are also reaching out for some pressing questions about ownerships; are these points are social or private, fisical or emotional, are they located and presented by actions or stillness, are they the beginning or the end, are they what remains after everything else disappeared?



Kristina Marija Kulinič (Warsawa)
Dana Seyfarth (Erfurt)
Anna Kosarewska (Warsawa)
Felix Roadkill (Berlin)

In Kooperation with Warsaw International Performance Art Weekend and Performance Netzwerk Thüringen. Hosted by LAG Spiel und Theater in Thüringen e.V, Freie Bühne Jena und stellwerk weimar e.V. Suported by Staatskanzlei Thüringen, FSR Soziologie FSU Jena


photos by Marius Luhn & Carla Kienz

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